Near and near draws the time….

Thank you for joining me!. As the time draws near for my study leave in 2018, there are lots of things to think about.

  • Leaving everything in good order in the parish and the area.
  • What to do and when to do it as the time of sabbatical approaches
  • And most importantly where is God in all this?

In Southwark Diocese, sabbatical time comes along at 7 year intervals post-ordination. This means on 4th July, I marked my 14th anniversary of ordination. Time is slippery stuff – I am older and wiser perhaps, but I am also very shaped and honed by these years and the work of the Holy Spirit. Like all life, there have been ups and downs, moments of clarity and doubt. Ultimately I am still Alison, talents and weaknesses in a quirky package.

I’m currently not as organised as I would like to be (this is quite common!), and I know as I am preparing, I will not quite be setting out on the journey I had hoped for, particularly in relation to my fitness. No doubt however, God has a plan, which will be (as they always are) better than any of mine!



One thought on “Near and near draws the time….

  1. Enjoy your sabbatical Alison. I look forward to hearing from you about your adventures. Take care and get well soon. Julie xxx


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