Kindling Creativity


Day 3

Finally a day at a more manageable temperature, and a brief trip to Standen House, near East Grinstead for some creative inspiration. It was very good to be out and about (and I was careful not to overdo it!) There were William Morris tapestries and wallpapers from a time gone by in an interesting Victorian house, nestling in a glorious corner of West Sussex to enjoy. Well worth a visit, and I will return at some point when I am bit fitter, so I can enjoy the woodland walks and gardens more extensively.

I was very taken with the “tomorrow is a new day” fire screen, and it is true each day offers us a fresh start and new opportunities. We do need to concentrate on living in the moment, alive and engaged, not afraid of perceived or imagined hazards lurking in the shadows. However as a big fan of ‘Gone with the Wind’ – it also does remind me more than a little of Scarlet O’Hara, who often seemed to have the uncanny knack from the depths of dire present circumstances to utter – ‘After all – tomorrow is another day!’

Coming soon Gromits… EXCITED



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