The big walk begins

Apologies for the random order of the pictures – no wifi and I am not able to control the sequence in the word press app (its probably user error!!!!)

Day fourteen to sixteen (18th – 20th August)

Chester to Queensferry (near the Spar)
Phone stats (slightly unreliable!): 16987 steps, 7.18 miles, walking time 2hrs 31 minutes
I had mastered the arriva bus app and am now the proud owner of a weekly M ticket. I left the car at the end point for todays walk, and got a bus into Chester – and met up with Moyra for coffee in a Café Nero!
So the big walk begins – touching Chester Cross as recommended by the walk book. It was very encouraging to be accompanied by Moyra for the gentle start to the Wales Coast path. Intriguingly the sign for the start of the walk was still in England (abit further out of Chester by the River Dee) and about a mile later we actually passed the border…. Moyra generously carried the lunch as I am currently serving a ruck sack ban until 30th August (while my scars heal), which is a bit awkward.
The views were mainly of a river, and I felt much more interesting than the walk book had suggested (it was rather disparaging about it) – we did dodge being run over by cyclists and it was very easy going (great for me who is rather unfit currently). Start for the next leg identified, and finishing touching spot touched
Day 15
A day of rest, and an opportunity to catch up with Matt at one of his churches (St Mary’s Church, Chirk), and enjoy lunch a glimpse of the impressive Chirk viaduct! Delicious lunch and then sabbath rest (with embroidery!!)
Day 16 Queensferry (near the Spa) to Flint Castle
Phone stats (slightly unreliable!): 16836 steps, 7.11 miles, walking time 2hrs 33 minutes
Starting touching post suitably touched and the river Dee widen out to more of an Estuary as the walk progressed – lots of industrial stuff, power stations and pylons! Steamy and humid but not sunny, and occasionally drizzly. The walking was more variable some on the road, some on paths, and some of it back on the cycle path. A touching post by Flint castle was identified as the end, and I had lunch near the car. I have decided to park the car here again tomorrow so I can get a bus back at the end of the walk (as I will walk a little further but I am not sure how far is sensible – café’s likely for lunch too!)
Walking was slightly curtailed due to the need to take the trusty panda to a fiat dealer as I was having warning light issues (now resolved thanks to the helpful team at Swansway Fiat in Chester (and they gave me an excellent coffee). This made up for the coffee I didn’t get from my thermos mug as I couldn’t get the lid off!!

2 thoughts on “The big walk begins

  1. Probably reasonably reliable steps from Chester to Queensferry.

    I didn’t check on the way out, but I did 7.3 miles back to the station in Chester, which was probably about 15 minutes or 0,7 further on from the Cross.


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