Turning the corner

Day seventeen and eighteen (21-22 August) Walk Day 3-4
Day 17 Flint Castle to Llanerch y Mor (near the fun ship)
Phone stats (slightly unreliable!): 22114 steps, 9.34 miles, walking time 3hrs 16 minutes
I parked again at Flint Castle, touched the touching post and resolved to get the bus back from where ever I got too, and also to buy some lunch en route. I am very limited on what I can carry currently – and I can manage a snack, plus various essentials in my bumbag. As many of you will know, I am not gifted in the travelling light department, and am frequently challenged by Jesus sending out the disciples two by two in Luke 9 and 10 with so little! This time I also took my walking poles with me (as I knew the terrain though still very flat was going to be more uneven). I am a late convert to these things, but they definitely help with propulsion and overall stability!
It was warm and sunny and this was a lovely walk all in all, scenic estuary on the right and dodging various chemical plants and there was lots of evidence of a previous industrial past generally to the left. The highlight of the morning was an impressive fire beacon dragon at Bettisfield. I was less happy with the solitary soldier I found because it looked very real until I got closer to it!
I was just beginning to feel hungry, and I had already consumed my snack, when the path (very scenic estuary etc.. on the right) passed the back of Greenfield amenity site (on the left). I had literally just thought I will need to divert to get some lunch soon, when lo – there was a sandwich van for the amenity site workers in the car park… My lucky day and I was soon munching a very acceptable cheese ploughmans sandwich followed by a very yummy bit of rocky road! I gave thanks for my good fortune! God is good – all the time!
I did another couple of miles, before giving up for the day. By then there was definitely something uncomfortable with my right foot, and Compeed was deployed. Touching spot touched by the fun ship (currently being renovated so not much fun!)
Day 16 Llanerch Y Mor (by the fun ship) to Prestatyn
Phone stats (slightly unreliable!): 27514 steps, 11.62 miles, walking time 4hr 19 minutes
Parked in Prestatyn, and got the bus back to LLanerch Y Mor, touching post suitably touched and off I went with similar terrain as yesterday. Sadly this didn’t last and there was a long stretch on the road (about 3 miles) and I was glad when the next village marked the end of this. I had my snack on a convenient bench, and had a long conversation with a chap who joined me. The locals are very friendly and very keen to know what I am doing. I have now had 4 conversations that have pretty rapidly got to ‘you don’t sound like you come from round here’, so I have been able to wave the flag for South Nutfield and Surrey more generally! Just before lunch I reached the point of Ayr, through another park by a chemical works, with interesting displays and sculptures. The animal lover in me, really liked the chap giving the horse an apple! I suspect the apple may have disappeared previously as the stalk of it was a screw clearly holding it in place.
The point of Ayr marks the end of the estuary of the river Dee, and the path turns west literally turning a corner. After some very nice lunch (this time in Lola and Suggs beach café – Lola and Suggs turned out to be pugs – so there’s one for Nelson!), I started the trek back to Prestatyn – first admiring the abandoned lighthouse. I knew this was a bit further than I really wanted to go (but the bus links weren’t very good at this point – this is most unusual!). It turned into a bit of a 4 mile marathon, full into the wind (which was whipping up the sand) and for the last ½ hour the driving rain that had been threatened started.
I don’t intend to walk anything like as far tomorrow and I will I hope be much less challenged by the delights of promenade walking through various seaside places – Rhyl, Kinmel bay, Towyn, and so on! Another touching post identified for the end of this day and a pack of more appropriate compeed plasters acquired and one has been applied.

2 thoughts on “Turning the corner

  1. You sound as though you are having a wonderful time. Looks a beautiful place to walk, but a long way! Hope you don’t get any more blisters. God bless you and take care. Love Julie xx

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