Mind the gap

Sept 11th Moylegrove to Newport Sands

14,200 steps , 10,000m, 6 miles! Plus a mile I didn’t count in on Tuesday but now linking the route

In the end I decided after careful studying of the Wales Coast walk book that I was not up for ‘several precipitous havens’ for the gap in the route I hadn’t done and opted to do a lane walk to join where I walked on Tuesday to where I have subsequently walked this week. In the end I drove to Moylegrove with a view to getting the bus back. (It turned out I had misread the timetable but more of that later). I decided to count the mile I did down to the path as part of this day to connect all the parts of the walk

It turned out that there was a very steep ascent out of the village (1 in 5 in places) and I was soon warmed up. I was very conscious that I was able to look up and around as I was walking on lanes rather than concentrating on my feet, and it was much easier going (apart from the first pull out of the village). The vast majority of the ascent was in the first couple of miles, and then a long slow descent to the coast at Newport Sands.

I found I was on the cycle route for a good chunk of this. This was a bit weird especially with passing packs of cyclists where the first person shouted ‘person’ to warn the rest. The more polite ones, then said ‘good morning’ as well – but this all made me jump a couple of times. I took in the joy of the colour and the hedgerows and the views emerging across to the PreseliHills.

Periodically I could also see the headland where I had my difficulties on Tuesday – and the series of undulations one after another follow the zigzag strata on the cliffs. Rather sobering! I was glad I had made the choice I had. There was also another bull (with his ladies) safely the other side of a fence!

I eventually found a coffee stop at the junction where the wedding decorated farm machinery had been last Saturday – and it was then I realised I had read the bus timetable incorrectly. I decided to aim for the 13:07 all the same to take me back to Newport (so I could do some shopping and have lunch) and then get the service going back to Moylegrove from there about 2:30! 

I found my touching point rock and I had enough time to contemplate the beach and have  a coffee and a flapjack before the Poppit Rocket whisked me first to Newport. I found the various things I needed in Newport, and a nice picnic area to eat my lunch – finished off with an ice cream from near the bus stop (Castle Hotel!). The Poppit Rocket took me back to Moylegrove (but this was a long enough journey to end up feeling queasy) so there was a short delay until I was feeling Ok to drive home

The drive home was delayed by some cows crossing the road – this was not far from the turning to Gethesemene I had also ignored earlier. Who knew Gethesemene was in Pembrokeshire?

I plotted out the miles for the week (which are a bit dodgy based on my steps app) but getting more accurate – I reckon that there is at least a 6% margin of error on the 46 miles I have totted up! Sabbath rest tomorrow. Then on to what the Strumble shuttle can bring to the Welsh coast path adventure as I take up the path from Lower Fishguard on Monday!!!!

Running total 46 miles *at least 6% margin of error!!!.

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