Steps from Lower Fishguard

Sept 12th


Sept 13th On the trail Lower Fishguard to nr Carregwstad point

17,228 steps , 12,059m, 7.5 miles

In addition to get back to Lower Fishguard (plus a short section on the Strumble Shuttle!)

11,251 steps 7,300m 4.5 miles!

The route began with a long paved section through the various parts of Fishguard. It was quite energetic with lots of ups and down but very easy going and with nice views appearing between the trees and across the harbour. Took longer than I imagined, passed a statue of Jesus and I lost height through a long series of concrete steps down on to the front nearer the ferry terminal. Visited the toilets by the Ocean lab and then made my way round towards the foot bridge – this crossed the queues for the ferry terminal (and I can remember back in the day waiting for the Irish Ferry with Jane wondering where the footbridge went!) It led to a zigzag path initially with steps up to the Fishguard Hotel (which looked very sadly shut and the lower 2 floors boarded up) and then just zigzags winding up to Harbour Town above the ferry terminal.

Eventually I made it out onto the coast path and it rained for about 15 minutes at this point. There was a beacon – which on closer inspection had flames and ‘British Gas’ on it!! The cliff path was a reasonably straight forward section with bracken and heather and low cliffs. I found a coffee stop eventually as the path wound round the headland. It was good to see the ferry once again too!

Things were going well until the first exit option, after which the path got narrower and more up and down. I had a bit of a tumble on a slippery foot bridge. Just my dignity damaged fortunately! The path wound around the cliffs and there were lots of seals, pups and the sound of the pups calling for their mothers in the air. You could see the seals in places swimming below the surface of the water. This was particularly true of the whiter pups! It was quite hard going on the path (especially as it was all abit damp and more slippery!). But the lower points made for great seal watching!

I had already decided to take a cut back inland near Carregwastad point for today’s walk (This point is famous for the last attempt of an invasion), and I was glad of it. I establish a touching point on the coast path sigh. There was an easy path up to Llanwnda – where I found a picnic table for lunch. I wound down through Goodwick and found a bus stop and picked up the Strumble Shuttle to the top of town. I walked down to where the car was parked in the lower car park. All of which added another 4.5 miles – making this the longest walk I have done in quite a while!!!   

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