The end of the trail (for now!)

On the trail 6515 steps, 4,611m, 2.8 miles

Circuit to get back to the car 7,084 steps, 4900m 3 miles

I had a difficult choice to face on what to do on my final day on the trail – the next section was 3 miles or 11 miles to the next exit point with the Strumble shuttle. The final 8 miles is pretty remote with no easy exits etc, and there were a number of things to consider. I was stiff after yesterday and the weather forecast (and the weather) was not ideal. The wind had got up and rain was forecast from late morning (and it did!). I decided to do the 3 miles (and a circuit to get back to the car)!

I drove to Abereiddy and established a touching point for when I take up the trail again at this point (the Abereiddy Strumble shuttle bus stop)! and then did the inland route first. The paths were a bit overgrown but it was quite pleasant initially on paths in fields, and then about a mile on the road back to Porthgain. I touched the touching point (life buoy) and used the facilities and climbed up the steps at the end of the quay. I found a place out of the wind amongst the remnants of the brick/slate works on the cliffs and areas that had been quarried for a coffee break. At this point the rain (of the horizontal sort) began in earnest.

I completed the rest of the cliff walk in pouring rain and high wind. It reminded me what luck I had had with the weather on this holiday!. There were dozens of ‘coasteer’ types in the ‘blue lagoon’. I returned to the car – extremely wet!

I drove the five miles from this point to St David’s, waving at bus stop touching point as I went past. Thankfully the rain turned to drizzle as after I parked up and went to the cathedral grounds to pay my respects. This is the second place Jane is remembered – and I had had some very fond memories earlier of us visiting the ‘blue lagoon’ and walking on the cliffs at Abereiddy previously (with Ginnie the dog!)

I returned back to base camp to attend to some necessary packing and organising (and the rain persisted!). I also did the necessary maths. This week I had done 35.8 miles on the trail and 13.2 miles linking up bits of the route on circular walks. Making a total of 49 miles, which adds to last weeks 46 miles – is 95 mile total (81.8 miles on the trail). All is at least 6% margin of error! Either way I am very pleased as much of it has been challenging going too and involved some uncharacteristic rock climbing!

I will return to this trail at some point

(but here are a few shots from what I did on my gentle route back on Saturday via a couple of favourites – Bosherston Lily ponds and Llansteffan)

One thought on “The end of the trail (for now!)

  1. Hi Alison

    It has been great reading about your trip and the amount of walking you have been doing. Unfortunately my walking days are over – ½ hr with the dogs is all I can manage these days and sometimes I wonder how long it will be till I need to get myself an electric chair!

    The scenery on you trip looks wonderful and you were fairly lucky with the weather.

    Look after yourself – we often think of you.

    All our love

    Clive and Margaret


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