Back on the trail 2022

Porth y Rhaw – Solva

11,546 steps 5,769 steps on the trail 5,777 off

5.2 miles – 2.6 miles on the trail, 2.6 miles off

On 10th June – I returned to Pembrokeshire, for another session with the Welsh Coast Path. I finished at Abereiddy back in September 2021. It is good to be back, and this time in the more colourful June.

I have a number of things to contend with on this trip. I am not very fit and had several weeks off sick in the run up to Easter this year. Also, the walker’s buses (Strumble Shuttle, Puffin Shuttle etc.) are not operating fully due to driver shortages. I have to say if I had a bus driver’s license, I would think these walker’s buses have some of the most scenic routes around! When I say not operating fully, currently that means 1 day a week, which is going to mean more circular walks (as I did today to begin to stretch my legs!). This is going to test my resolve and navigating skills as well as trying to make the most of the other buses that are running!

I set up base camp, which is near Solva yesterday. After all the driving to get here I devised a circular walk from base camp. It was definitely not the day to start where I finished in September (as the next bit of the trail from Abereiddy is wild and isolated and long! Much too long for my current level of fitness)

The weather is set fair, with a stiff breeze and a good temperature for walking. I joined the coast path after about a mile of fields and footpaths arriving at Porth y Rhaw, and established a touching point. The initial section of the coast path, was relatively straightforward, and invigorating (I do love this kind of walking). I went at my own pace (which was not fast). My descent was particularly slow!! I had a good view back at the complex where base camp is too. Early on, I met a couple of archaeologists, and admired the digging going on at an ancient fort site sponsored by Cadw. Well, what I saw was people moving earth with wheel barrows rather than digging as such!

I had a very scenic coffee stop and saw a small brown snake on a less well trod part of the path, so that can be wildlife of the day (It hid before I could get the camera poised). The path eventually turned towards Solva and I enjoyed winding down into the centre (including a trip into one of Jane’s favourite shops – Window on Wales – to buy post cards). Solva is sufficiently bustling to have 2 public toilets, and I used the first one I got too. I established a finishing touching point (and intend to do another circuit from there tomorrow), just beyond a very familiar café and pub where Jane had post- ordination refreshments many years ago.  

The coast path was busy, with lots of people making the most of the conditions, and there were even more in and around Solva. I found a path up into the village without having to dice with death walking on the narrow main road! (and slowly did the last bit back up to base camp). There was one house painted with birds, and a particularly nice owl! It was a bit of a slog back up the hill. A good effort for a first walk – and now not too achy!  

One thought on “Back on the trail 2022

  1. Hi Alison

    Lucky you to be able to do the walking!! Just half an hour and I have problems. It is long enough for the dogs who are now 12 and half years old and showing signs of old age. We have had a fairly good winter, other than the wooden wall between our garden and next door. Their garden is nearly 4ft above ours and we had a wooden wall between our gardens. Unfortunately, the wooden uprights had rotten away from the concrete they were set in and the wall was showing signs that it would not be upright for much longer. We now have a concrete block wall built by our son-in-law, so we have had to buy a whole load of items, but it has given us peace of mind and a much nicer garden.

    So far we have not succumbed to the “dreaded lurgy” and have had all our jabs.

    Our Jack has now got a full-time job – he is training to be a cheesemonger. So much for doing IT at college.

    Clive is well and as the winter was not severe, his eczema has been mild.

    I have circulation problems in my legs so am trying to be careful.

    I won’t bore you with all the problems of the Church building, but as I am the only Churchwarden, they are giving me headaches. I have decided to stand down next APCM and leave the PCC altogether. Clive is giving up as treasurer as well, but he may stay on the PCC.

    It is so lovely to hear about your adventures – you make me jealous, I used to walk miles as a teenager.

    Love to you

    Margaret and Clive


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